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Your physician will schedule your surgery on an elective, urgent or emergent basis. Some surgical procedures can be performed right in our clinics. However, most surgery is typically scheduled at a hospital or an outpatient surgical facility. Your physician and his secretary will work with you to arrange an appointment that fits your schedule and meets your insurance requirements.

Preparing for Surgery

You’ll be asked to schedule a physical examination with your primary care physician no more than 10 days before your surgery. This is especially important if you’re taking blood thinners, as your doctor may recommend that you discontinue the medication for a period of time. You’ll be required to stop taking aspirin, other anti-inflammatory medications and herbal supplements 10 days prior to surgery. You may also be required to fast. See details below. Please arrange in advance for a ride home after surgery.

Fasting Requirements

Fasting prior to surgery is important for your safety. We understand that this can be difficult for some people, but it’s essential that your stomach be empty while under anesthesia. Your surgery may be cancelled if these guidelines are not followed:

  • You’ll be required to take nothing by mouth after midnight the night before your surgery. That includes food, beverages, gum and water.
  • If you need to take certain medications to keep your body functions running normally, such as blood pressure medication, they can be taken with a small sip of water the morning of surgery.
  • If you have diabetes, we’ll make every effort to schedule your surgery early in the morning. Ask your primary care physician whether you’ll need to change your diabetes medication routine on the day of surgery.

The pre-admission nurse and the anesthesiologist will review these requirements with you prior to your surgery.

Surgical Facilities

Our physicians perform surgery at multiple locations throughout the greater Milwaukee area. We are affiliated with Ascension (Columbia-St. Mary’s and Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare), ProHealthcare, Advocate Aurora, as well as several ambulatory surgery centers. Your physician and his secretary will work with you to choose a facility that meets your needs and the needs of your insurance provider.