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Thank you for choosing Hand to Shoulder Specialists of Wisconsin. Our experienced physicians and our excellent team of certified hand therapists are pleased that you’ve chosen to place your care in our hands. Your initial appointment will last about an hour. In order to maximize your time with the physician, we suggest that you take several important steps prior to your appointment.

Patient Information Forms

Please download and print the three patient information forms, below. Then complete them and bring them with you to your initial appointment. There’s no need to mail them to us.


Most of our services are covered by health insurance, and we accept a variety of health care plans. Since every policy is different, it’s your responsibility to know the benefits, fees, and any requirements your insurer may have prior to your receiving our services. Hand to Shoulder Specialists of Wisconsin will collect all applicable co-payments at the time of your appointment. If you decide to proceed with elective surgery, we’ll provide you with an estimate of your financial responsibility for those services. We offer a monthly payment plan after your initial deposit has been paid.

X-Rays and Test Results

Your physician will want to review any test results or imaging studies related to your condition. In order to maximize your time with the physician, please obtain copies of any previous X-rays, MRI’s, nerve conduction studies, lab reports or other relevant test results prior to your appointment. You can request copies from the facilities that performed the testing using the Medical Records Release form, available for downloading below. Be sure to allow enough time if you’re planning to have your records mailed to us. Otherwise, you may want to pick them up and bring them with you to your appointment. Written reports can be faxed to Hand to Shoulder Specialists of Wisconsin at (414) 453-7420.


Get Adobe ReaderYou will need the Adobe Reader to view & print these documents.